I am not typically an enthusiastic collector of anything, but when it comes to beautiful papers, I must admit that I find it hard to let them go, even tiny pieces.
There is a fine paper and bookbinding material supplier in my neighbourhood. The place is full of beautiful papers — pattern papers, marbled papers, woodblock printed papers... all fascinate me. The basket at one corner of the store contains small pieces of those papers, most of them are "left over" from cutting. They could have ended up in a bin, but I thank them for saving those tiny pieces for someone like me. Because these are the pieces of fine papers, they still cost one pound for 5 pieces. Fine. I would happily stick my hand into the basket and rummage to find the best pieces. That is a pure joy. Treasure hunting.

I put them in a small envelope and keep in my reference drawer (which is already full of papers). When I need some inspiration I would pick up those pieces and they surely help me in some ways. The texture, feel of ink, the colours under the light — all those physical features seem to stimulate a part of my brain that is dormant after long hours of gazing at screen.