Aya Kudo

Aya Kudo is a Japanese graphic designer based in London.
Her skills include brand identity development, editorial design, website design and coding (small ones). Through her past projects, she has worked with clients in diverse industries such as government, charity, food, fashion and so on. With her faith in the creative process to make things meaningful, she brings a conscientious approach to each design brief and enjoys every step of it.
She is available for design projects both in English and Japanese language, for clients anywhere in the world.

(...and a little bit more about myself)
I was in a totally different industry before — I could be found at timber mills auditing sustainability in supply chain, or in Vietnam collecting industrial waste samples for alternative fuel. Transition from an auditor/researcher to a graphic designer may sound like quite a jump, but for me it was natural. Visual communication has always been my concern, and will continue to be my passion. With the same enthusiasm that had guided me in my previous career, I am keen on utilising my skills for a good cause to bring a sustainable future.

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